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National Rosé Day just passed, so to commemorate that occasion, here are 5 facts about the popular pink wine that you may not know:

  1. Rosé does not come from a specific type of grape. In fact, our Underdog Rosé is 100% Cabernet Franc, while our Gamay Rosé is 100% Gamay Noir.
  2. It’s the reduced skin contact (time in fermentation) that gives this wine its pretty hue – and the longer the contact, the darker the shade.
  3. While they have a reputation for being super-sweet, not all rosés are created equal – they run the gamut from sweet to dry, depending on the wine.
  4. They’re perfectly pairable! Known for their summer patios and al fresco vibes, fresh and fruity rosés are a great match for salads and seafood, along with duck, lamb and charcuterie.
  5. Unlike reds, most rosés are not meant to be aged. Enjoy them within about 3 years from release for best results.

Be sure to give our rosés a try, available at the winery or at adamoestate.com. Photo courtesy of: @seasonsofstephie