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spring muddy vineyard

How important is balanced pruning to producing fruitful vines and a healthy, successful crop? It’s vital. Shauna White, our Vineyard and Winery Manager, gives us some important facts on pruning in the vineyard:

-Pruning later in the season, for example in March, can delay your vines’ bud break and can potentially help you avoid spring frost.

– Pruning dictates your vine’s growth vigour. Less vigour means less canopy growth, while more vigour means more canopy growth but does NOT mean more grapes or better fruit, just more leafy coverage.

– Balanced pruning (with pencil-thick sized canes) will give you the best fruit-to-canopy ratio during the growing season and the best sap-to-wood ratio for overwintering.

– Pruning removes at least 75% of the previous year’s growth, because it will all happily re-grow back the following year.

– Pruning may be the single most important thing that you can do to keep your vineyard happy and healthy from one year to the next.

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