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Pétillant Naturel (commonly referred to as Pet Nat) is an ancient form of sparkling wine.

How is it made? Our 2017 Pet Nat features Pinot Blanc grapes, and our process was as follows: pressing the grapes, followed by cold settling, then racking in a stainless steel tank. We used wild fermentation and once the fermentation was almost finished, we racked the wine a second time and then we bottled. The remaining sugar is what created the alcohol, carbon dioxide and the bubbles in the bottle. Because the fermentation is completed within the bottle, sediment (lees) falls to the bottom of the bottle.

Our 2017 Legacy Pétillant Naturel is fruit-driven, with bolstering acidity and a creamy texture. For more details on this wine, please visit our website at: https://adamoestate.com/product/2017-legacy-pet-nat/