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Adamo Estate Winery is located in an emerging region, which means that we aren’t in typical wine-making country. Here are some of the unique challenges we face as a cool climate winery:

  1. Winter protection: To fight off winter and keep our vines thriving year-round, we use geothermal blankets. These are super effective in protecting the vines from the winter, keeping them happy and healthy until spring.
  2. Snow and frost: With our climate, it’s common to experience late snow or frost, which can damage the vines and decrease our yield. Once we remove the blankets, we use our frost fan to help circulate warm air if Mother Nature gives us a late icy blast.
  3. Short season: A shorter summer season can also mean a smaller yield, with a smaller number of grapes ripening before harvest. However, our summers are hot, often followed by a late fall with cool nights, allowing for some fantastic later-ripening flavours in our wines.

Being in an emerging region is amazing, and it makes our winery unique. Give our award-winning wines a try!