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You might hear the term ‘wild fermentation’ used synonymously with ‘natural’ or ‘indigenous.’ What does that mean? It means using the naturally occurring yeast on the grape to activate alcoholic fermentation, rather than using a commercial yeast for this process.

Most wines are made with a commercial yeast, where you can literally choose characteristics like flavours, amount of volatile acidity and odour from a catalogue. According to our Vineyard and Winery Manager, Shauna White, “Wild fermentation means you get what you get. It’s not for the faint of heart.”

What are the advantages to wild fermentation?
Well, like most things in life, with greater the risk comes a potentially greater payoff. More complexity and a bigger variety of characters are what you might be able to achieve from taking that risk – in fact, some of the world’s greatest wines have been created using wild fermentation.

Something to note: In this process, where the grapes come from and the health of those grapes is crucial to producing successful wild fermentation.

At Adamo Estate Winery, we use both methods. You think you can tell which is which? Come for a tasting and see!

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