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Pair Your Pie with Your Wine!

Want to make sure your wines pair well with your pie this Thanksgiving? “Balance is the key. For a winner, you’re looking for each to enhance the flavour of the other,” advises Shauna White, our Winemaker. We did the taste-testing for you!  Here are Shauna’s recommendations for the perfect Thanksgiving pie pairings:

Apple Pie: After drinking, eating and drinking again, our team still liked the flavours in both the pie and wine, so the winners were declared! Our picks: 2019 Legacy Pét-Nat and 2019 Estate Riesling

Raspberry Pie: Berries have tannins so you want to choose a wine to go with this one that has a refreshing finish. Our picks: 2018 Legacy Rosé and 2018 Whip’d Red

Blueberry Pie: Reds or whites can work, just choose a wine that that doesn’t make the wine taste sour or make the pie taste too sweet. Our picks: 2018 Spark’l and 2017 Huebel Cabernet Franc

Pecan Pie: This one can be tricky because of the amount of sweetness in the pie, so it’s important to choose a wine with a little sweetness so that there isn’t too much of a contrast, which could throw off the flavours. Our picks: 2016 Willms Chardonnay and 2017 Appassimento dessert wine

Got a few favourites of your own? Share them with us!