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Think blending wines is a simple process? Here’s a brief look at how our process works, you might find it’s more complicated than you think…

We start by taking samples from each individual barrel, by lot (i.e. from vineyards A, B and C). We make notes, rate them and provide descriptions for each one.

We then decide whether they all meet our expectations. If not, we de-classify that barrel and allocate it to a more appropriate blend. The barrels that meet or exceed our expectations are classified into a Reserve category blend.

Once all our barrels are classified, we then start coming up with mock blends, blending proportionately by barrel. Once we have confirmed our final blends, we then decide the ageing time. Some wines are meant to age in barrel for 2 years, some for 6 months. The quality of wine, dictates the length of time and the type of oak that it will spend its life in, before bottle.

Trial and error is a big part of the process, but trusting our palettes, instincts and experience are even more important factors. When you taste a winner, you know it. We’ve got some exciting bends coming up, try them and let us know what you think!

For more information on our wines, please visit our website here: www.adamoestate.com