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Our Vidal vines are the oldest vines in the vineyard. They are a hybrid, a cross between a North American and a European grape variety. The Vidal is a great choice for our region because they are hearty and don’t require a long growing season.

Our Vidal block turns 6 years old this year and we are expecting a full crop! It’s become a house favourite at Adamo Estate Winery, and it sold out in the first few months for its first vintage.

According to Shauna White, our Vineyard and Winery Manager, “we always monitor sugars, but we pick based on flavour.” An interesting fact? Last year, we double picked in a single block: the first pick was for the grapes that were golden and the second pick was to allow the greener grapes to turn golden later in the season. We then, separately, gently whole cluster pressed the grapes, put them into a cold settled tank, racked them off to a second tank and then we began alcoholic fermentation. Once fermentation was complete and we were happy with the flavours in each batch, we blended them and they are ageing in stainless steel until we bottle them this spring.

We’re excited to be able to present the fruits of our labour in this Vidal coming soon, be sure to give it a try! Looking to buy wines from Adamo Estate Winery? Please visit our website here: http://shopadamoestate.com/