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So much goes on at the vineyard that it’s hard to imagine that it’s that time of year where we are leaf plucking. We hand pluck the leaves, which allows the vines to better open to the sun and better air flow, triggering a response in the vine to reduce green growth and green flavours. This process also helps get the (organic) sprays into the vines, keeping disease and mould/mildew down.

What happens next? Well, our difficulties with the birds are the next challenges we face. Once the berries begin to change colours and their sugar content rises, the birds are attracted to the fruit. Once that happens, we clip nets over the vines to limit their access.

We will also be adding a few new tricks to our repertoire this year: shiny, reflective tape and decoys (like owls and hawks) to try and deter them the birds from attacking the fruit.

Stay tuned to read more about our successes and failures from this season’s harvest. Check out our blog for more info at: https://adamoestate.com/blog/