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Springtime is a busy time in the vineyard! Once we unbury the vines, we’re constantly monitoring vine development and adjusting our approach based on weather, disease and best practices for optimum growth. What’s happening in the vineyard right now? Here’s what we’ve been up to so far this spring:

1. We have spread our fertilizer (we use certified organic, dried, chicken manure) to add nutrients for growth and to increase soil organic matter. This year we are also doing a trial area with a carbon complex nutrient.

2. We are now thinning the shoots by hand. This is a process where we remove unwanted growth and select the best shoots for vine balance and fruit production. Shoot thinning vines allows for better airflow to lower disease pressure and allows the strong shoots to prosper into the best grapes possible.

3. Spray season has started for us, which means that we are carefully monitoring for disease pressure and using appropriate sprays when necessary, following an organic standard. Spraying does not always mean pesticides. We spray nutrients onto the vines foliage for uptake through the leaves. For example, Epsom salts, also known as, Magnesium Sulphate which is a micro nutrient for vines and also aids in the uptake of Potassium, another key nutrient for vine growth.

4. We also have an integrated pest management program in place. This means that we are constantly monitoring animals, insects, fauna and flora and their ecology. As much as possible we are encouraging beneficial insects, wild flowers, natural grasses and habitats, in order to improve biodiversity at the vineyard.

What’s next? We will be seeding our cover crops shortly. We will be using a proprietary, specially selected blend of 6 plants; designed to increase nutrient take up, to add more beneficial insects into the vineyard and to help prevent soil compaction and erosion with deep rooting grasses.

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