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Wine Profile: 2017 Legacy Rosé

This new release from our Legacy series is a Pinot Noir Rosé with a little Chardonnay Musqué as part of the mix. It was fermented on primary lees with lots of stirring in 100% stainless steel. It is a medium-bodied, older style rosé – it is an expression of texture on your palate, rather than an expression of character. According to our Winemaker, Shauna, “it’s about the feeling it gives you when you drink it.”

 Wine Profile: 2017 Legacy Viognier Roussanne

Roussanne is a varietal originating in the Rhone Valley, France, and a tiny amount of these grapes have been planted in Ontario. Roussanne is textured with a subtle fruit character and lots of mouthfeel. It has more nuance than typical fruit quality, so we added it to our Viognier to give it more fruit.  Our blend of these two (commonly paired) is 83.4% Viognier and 16.6% Roussanne.


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