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At this point in the season, we are starting to think about the harvest at the vineyard, though usually not until late fall, this year is calling for an early harvest because of this summer’s heat. We are gearing up for harvest, where will be bottling our 2015 Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs.

Beginning mid-August) we started to monitor the sugar levels and berry flavours in the lab, to determine the best possible harvest date. There is a minimum sugar level standard, set by VQA, so once we have surpassed that minimum, it is up to us to decide the final flavours we desire for each wine.

“We decide what we want to express from the grape in each wine,” states Shauna White, our Vineyard and Winery Manager. “We also consider the texture of the skins and flesh, the colour of the seeds and stems,” she continues.

There are 3 windows of opportunity for harvest: fresh fruit (resulting in a “green” wine), fermentation (resulting in a more neutral, yeasty, subtle flavour) and the ripe fruit (resulting in a more fruity flavour.) Once we decide what flavour profile we are looking for, we test and taste until the minimum sugar level is met and we decide when the time is right. And then the harvest begins…

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