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We certainly haven’t had much rain this summer so far, but thankfully, vines tend to like hot and dry weather! It can actually be a great thing for vines to experience a dry season. Why? Well, it forces the roots of older vines to dig deeper to find water, further establishing them for future growth.

There are, however, some key times when the vines need water: just before flowering, just after the berries fill out and when they hit bench closure stage. Once you have veraison, though and the berries start changing colour, not much rain is needed. That being said, the newly planted vines require regular water, and we’ve been watering weekly so that the roots don’t dry out.

How else is a lack of rain great news? Well, it helps to keep down the disease and helps out with weed management (less weeds means less competition with the vines). Because we practice organic weed and disease management, this summer’s weather has meant that we can keep up with our hand and/or tractor practices.

We’ve got a nice, healthy green canopy in the vineyard this summer, which will provide the sugars that our fruit needs to become ripe and flavourful.

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