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As we continue to embrace an “old-world” approach to agriculture, our adventures in biodynamics also include specific stirring practices to get the Bio Prep 500 and Bio Prep 501 ready for spraying. Though we spray in spring, summer and fall, there is a step before the spraying which is equally important to this biodynamic process: stirring!

What’s involved in the stirring process? Well, once we have dug up the buried mix, we stir in rain or untreated well water. We stir it for one hour consistently, alternating in 30 second intervals (30 seconds clockwise, 30 seconds counter-clockwise). For each interval, we make a vortex, let it settle and then change direction. This process is known as creating order and chaos: a good vortex is the order and when changing directions, you destroy the vortex, creating chaos. Then returning to order in the form of another vortex in the opposite direction. This process is practiced for 1 hour prior to spraying.

Stay tuned for the next blog in our Biodynamic Series on how our philosophy impacts our wine, coming soon!

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